All members of the Canterbury Master Plasterers & Tilers Association (CMPTA) have an obligation to meet the standards of Best Practice and those set out in the NZ Building Code. CMPTA takes any complaint against a member very seriously.


Many disputes can be very quickly resolved through good communication. As the owner you should contact the Plasterer or Tiler, raise any concerns and discuss these with them. Generally this will resolve the matter. Please consider the following:

  • Have you discussed your complaint with the Plasterer or Tiler?
  • Have you put your concerns to your Plasterer or Tiler in writing and requested a response within a specified time?


If you have answered ‘Yes’ to these questions, let’s continue…..


In the vast majority of cases, complaints are simply resolved through the intervention of CMPTA. In some instances this isn’t possible and further action is required through independent dispute resolution.


CMPTA can only act on complaints against our Members. We have no jurisdiction nor can we supply inspection reports for non members. We do not have the jurisdiction to act on contractual matters and if you have already applied to the courts to take legal action or are pursuing adjudication, we also can not deal with your complaint.


All complaints need to be received in writing, and photos of the area in dispute will help as well. A bond of $250 will be required at the time of receipt of the complaint. This bond is refundable to the complainant if it is found the member is at fault and there are workmanship issues that need resolving.


Once your bond has been receipted, the Complaint Committee will send a copy of your complaint to the member concerned and ask them to respond within 10 working days. Failure to act on this will result in their membership being suspended.


On receipt of the reply from the Member, the Complaints Committee will investigate, review both sides of the complaint and a written report will be provided recommending one of the following actions:

  • Your complaint can be dismissed and no further action will be taken.
  • A recommendation for the member to seek additional training or advice.
  • The member is censured in accordance with the Constitution & Rules.
  • Your complaint can not be resolved by CMPTA and we would recommend an independent Adjudicator takes over. CMPTA will no longer be involved in the process.


You will be notified within 5 working days of the review of any action that will be taken.